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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 10 – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1


The challenge for the 10th day had multiple parts. I answered each part below the heading!

Share five random facts about yourself.

  1. I crochet! Its a fun hobby, and I get to make gifts for my friends and family.
  2. I have played piano since I was about 4 years old.
  3. I ALWAYS talk with my hands.
  4. I love animals, and have way too many pets!
  5. I enjoy kayaking in the lakes near my home.

Share four things from your bucket list.

  1. Receive a PhD.
  2. Teach in a foreign country.
  3. Go sky diving.
  4. Raise a family.

Share three things that you hope for this year, as a “person” or an educator.

  1. I hope to incorporate more Teach Like a Pirate lessons in my classroom this year.
  2. I hope to get back into shape, and run at least three 5K races before the end of next summer.
  3. I hope to determine a plan for my future, including moving toward getting a higher degree.

Share two things that have made you laugh or cry as an educator. (I’m going to focus on laugh, since I do it pretty much every day!)

  1. A student told me a science joke! “What do you do with a dead chemist? Barium!”
  2. I was introduced by a student as, “the best science teacher, ever!”, when meeting their parent for the first time.

Share one thing you wish more people knew about you.

  1. I am extremely passionate about trying to become a better educator. I LOVE professional development (even the sometimes boring kind), and I constantly seek out new ways to further my education!

Author: sdsuemko

I'm a high school science teacher in a small Minnesota town who loves the world of rural education. I am constantly striving to learn more about my craft and share what I find with others!

2 thoughts on “30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 10 – 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

  1. Great post again!

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