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30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 2 – Technology!

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Day 2 Prompt: Write about one piece of technology that you would like to try this year, and why. You might also write about what you’re hoping to see out of this edtech integration.

Technology is an amazing thing for rural teachers. Being in a small town (about 1000 people), can set certain limitations on things like going on field trips, or inviting professionals into the classroom. However, with technology, those things can happen – virtually! This year, I would like to capitalize on this, and work in include Skype or Google Hangouts as ways of inviting professionals into our classroom. In the past, I’ve always said that I wanted to do this, but haven’t taken the time to contact anyone or set up the meeting. I am going to set a goal for myself of having one “visitor” in each class. These visitors might be college professors, professionals in the field we are studying, or someone with a passion for the subject area. I am really excited to get my students outside the classroom, city, and state by utilizing this great technology.

Comment below with ways you have used technology to break the barriers of your classroom and bring the world to your students!


Author: sdsuemko

I'm a high school science teacher in a small Minnesota town who loves the world of rural education. I am constantly striving to learn more about my craft and share what I find with others!

One thought on “30 Day Blogging Challenge: Day 2 – Technology!

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