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Make-Up Work: An Organizing Technique

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“When the kids are away the teachers will play!” Wait, is that how that saying goes? As a teacher, I would disagree!! When students are gone, it makes it very difficult for teachers to stay up-to-date with them. It can sometimes be very challenging to keep up with who is gone, when, why, and what they need to do for make-up work. Many schools have a system in place, like make-up slips, that must be filled out by each teacher, and then returned to the office. This helps the student stay organized, but I usually forget who gave me one, what I wrote down, when it’s due, etc. So, I came up with my own organizational technique for make-up work.

If you haven’t started using Google Drive, you should! I love the numerous applications that it has! I won’t go into a lot about it today, but I’ll post about them some other day! Back to my make-up work organization, I created a Google form that I fill out every time a student gives me a make-up slip, or tells me they will be absent. Here is a screen-shot:

make-up work form

It isn’t too complicated, but it has the essential information. Once you fill in the Google form, it puts the information into a spreadsheet. I deleted my student’s names, but here is a screen-shot of what the out-put looks like:

make-up work response

As you can see, some lines are green, others are still black. I change the line to green when I get the work from the student. That way, I know that I don’t need to look for it any longer. If a student does not have the work done by the due date, they are put into the ICU system. That is the system we use in my district for missing work.

Do any others have ideas on how to organize make-up work for students?


Author: sdsuemko

I'm a high school science teacher in a small Minnesota town who loves the world of rural education. I am constantly striving to learn more about my craft and share what I find with others!

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